The Power of Analytics in HR


The Power of Analytics in HR

Information overload.

Information abounds just about everywhere today, doesn’t it? Information is also what powers plenty of Human Resource departments.

Almost since the very beginning, HR has been about information. The collecting, storing, and organizing of employee data has always been high on the to-do list. But what happens with all that information?

While it does have its day-to-day uses, some argue it isn’t being used to its full potential. That’s where analytics come in.

How analytics work

When it’s put to work in HR, analytics harness data to develop solutions or gain new perspective. Analytics take traditional work issues—budgets, learning and development, or hiring—and consider them through the lens of a data-driven approach. In short, it means having the data to know whether training programs are working or being able to predict which employees will stay, for example.

Applying analytics to HR data doesn’t just elevate the department; it also offers data to backup your instincts. Experts say putting analytics into practice means having information to know what works and what doesn’t.

Where analytics work

This data-driven approach to HR is gaining popularity, especially on the other side of the globe. According to statistics from this report, India alone has seen a 77 percent boost in specialized analytics professionals in HR. The top three industries using HR analytics overseas include: financial services and insurances, technology and software, and professional services.

What we can’t forget about analytics

As more companies here adopt the technology, it’s important to remember to always put employees first. Any decisions made, including how information is gathered, should always make respect for personal information a high priority.

Information is everywhere. But getting all the right information makes all the difference in hiring. That’s where ClearStar comes in. Contact us today to learn how we can help.


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