Top 9 Takeaways From the NAPBS Annual Conference


Top 9 Takeaways From the NAPBS Annual Conference

By: Craig Caddell and Kerstin Bagus

As we reflect on another successful NAPBS Annual Conference, we are struck by the amazing job the organization does in raising the bar each year. Hands down, everyone we spoke with about the quality of the event said it was the best NAPBS ever. We tip our hats to the leadership of NABPS for a job well done!

Here are our Top 9 Takeaways from the NAPBS Annual Conference:

#1: It is possible to fit a full marching band inside a crowded conference room. Wow, what a memorable opener!

#2: Julie Hackman, new Board Chair, announced that a new strategic plan was in the works that would offer a vision of NAPBS as the trusted global authority for the screening profession. This is timely as seemingly everyone in the industry wants to go global.

#3: 15% of our membership comes from outside of the U.S., which is very impressive considering that our Global Advisory Council, representing the non-U.S. members, is just 2 years old.

#4: Look for more powerful and effective sessions like “School’s Not Over: National Student Clearinghouse Business Advisory Council Report,” where members have the opportunity to dialogue with providers of essential services like NSCH.

#5: Engagement is on the rise with people truly starting to see the value of NAPBS as a potential education source and eagerly joining committees.

#6: ClearStar Drug Screening received a great deal of interest from CRAs and others eager to become channel marketing partners for the service.

#7: ClearStar’s Innovator dinner at Eddie V’s seafood restaurant made it abundantly clear why they get such excellent reviews on Yelp. The food, the service, and above all the company was the very best.

#8: Aurobindo (Robin) Sundaram gave an excellent session on “Cybersecurity – Trends, Threats, and Best Practices” that will be made available by ClearStar Academy as a webinar on October 14th at 2pm Eastern.

#9: It is possible to get two longhorn steers into and out of the exhibit hall without anyone getting hurt!

Bonus Takeaway: Our cool collectible (non-deisel) VW vans were still one of the hottest giveaways on the show floor!

The 2015 NAPBS Annual Conference was a hit on so many levels and an ideal opportunity to connect with the very best minds in the industry. We look forward to next year’s annual conference with great anticipation!


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