Trends in 2018: What’s on the Horizon for Background Screening


Trends in 2018: What’s on the Horizon for Background Screening

Don’t blink.

If you do, you just might miss something. It feels like trends can change and shift that fast, doesn’t it?

Background screening isn’t immune from rapid change. Advancing technology, a shifting workforce, and new laws—all these areas promise to impact screening.

Here’s our take on what’s trending now.

Compliance will be even more important. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a batch of class action lawsuits show compliance will become even more critical. These lawsuits involve technical violations—failure to provide notice of background screening in a stand-alone format or not getting written permission before screening is done.

While the Supreme Court did rule that plaintiffs in these cases must prove “concrete injury,” recent cases in the lower courts have showed that companies can’t afford to get lax on FCRA compliance, says SHRM.

This makes it important to work “with a background check provider that understands the FCRA inside and out,” say experts.

Consider adding screening for contingent workers. We’re seeing an explosion of self-employed contractors, freelancers, and companies using workers engaged by a third party. According to the stats, 4 out of 5 companies use contingent workers.

But did you know: companies face the same liability whether the workers are in-house or not? That’s why screening will need to be adapted to this new segment of the workforce.

Adapt to the expansion of technology. We’re big fans of using technology to make the screening process simpler for employers and job seekers. Experts say tech advancements will continue to improve the screening process for job seekers and employers this year, “creating more transparency and less friction throughout the process.”

Don’t get left behind. Pick a screening partner who’s on top of the latest trends and up-to-date on compliance. Having the right partner can make a big difference in hiring. Want to know more about what ClearStar can offer? Call us!


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