What is the Difference Between Different Background Checks?


What is the Difference Between Different Background Checks?

What is the Difference Between Different Background Checks?

When your company implements a background check policy, there are a lot of factors to consider. The last thing on your mind is that you might not be getting what you need out of a background screening vendor! Knowing exactly what is going into the background check you’re getting is important to keeping your business safer and more profitable.

What do you really need to know about the differences in background checks?

There Isn’t a Standard Background Check
This often comes as a surprise to both employers and candidates. A background check can be made up of dozens of different factors and can vary wildly from one screening company to another. There are many possible databases to check, including local, county, state, and federal. In addition, some search sex offender registries, courts for lawsuit records, driving records, bankruptcy records, and more. It gets even more complicated if your candidate has international records!

Interview Your Vendor
So if there isn’t a standard background check, how do you know that your background screening vendor is looking for what you need to know about your candidate? Ask them! Don’t hesitate to interview your background screening vendor to make sure their solutions fit your needs. If they don’t, seek out a vendor and partner who offers options and a high level of customization in their background screening solutions.

Know what NICS Covers, and What It Doesn’t
The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is the most common source that low-cost background screening companies use to provide background checks. It covers convictions only and includes felony, misdemeanor, and limited sex offender data of many jurisdictions. However, it does not cover arrest records, most traffic records, and most infractions. It typically goes back only 7 years and covers most counties in 46 states. If your business has more comprehensive background screening needs, going with a company that offers additional services may be a good fit.

With these factors in mind, how do you pick who to perform your background checks and how do you know you’re getting what you need? Start with evaluating what your screening needs are, like motor vehicle records for drivers or sex offender registry searches for those with exposure to children. Bring your requirements with you to interview your potential background screening vendor and ensure they’re not giving you way more or way less than you need. Then, stay in contact with them about new screening methods and technologies.

Ready to get started implementing your background screening program? Pick a partner who brings customization and experience to the table. Contact ClearStar today!


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