What should your pre-employment screening provider offer you?


What should your pre-employment screening provider offer you?

Drug screening. Criminal records checks. DMV searches.

Background screening is a broad term. But what really defines it?  To a degree, it’s the pre-employment screening company you choose.

So, how do you know if your pre-employment screening company is a good one or just mediocre? We believe a professional pre-employment screening provider should hit at least these three basic standards for best business practices.

Does your provider meet these standards?

Do they cover the basics? While the type of screening varies depending on the job description, all screeners should be able to offer criminal background checks. A good screener should be able to pull records, whether it’s criminal, DMV, or other records, from a broad database that includes national, state, and county-level data from reputable sources, say experts.

At ClearStar, we offer a comprehensive set of screening data designed to support your organizational goals plus a Code of Conduct with candidates and clients in mind.

Do they know legal rules? Does your background screening program comply with the law? Having a screener that keeps you updated on applicable laws can help navigate the process itself and help protect your company from risk.

Every single one of our programs at ClearStar complies with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our programs are also up-to-date with any state laws applicable in your situation.

Do they put clients first? How important is your business to your screener? Some areas of screening are rote and dictated by set guidelines, but every business is still about people and, at the end of the day, every customer should know their company is a top priority.

Employment screening isn’t just another business transaction at ClearStar. For us, the screening process is a partnership built on trust. In working with ClearStar, companies can trust they’ll find the best quality data options, up-to-date legal compliance, and customer service focused on their needs.

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