What Staffing Agencies Need to Know About Background Checks


What Staffing Agencies Need to Know About Background Checks

Staffing agencies get to work across a variety of industries and locations while they fulfill widely varied needs for their clients and candidates. And, while variety may be the spice of life, when it comes to employment law and compliance issues, it can make things a lot more complicated.


Regardless of the type of placement, staffing agencies bear a significant burden when it comes to the integrity of a candidate. But it’s unlikely they have a team of people trained and at-the-ready to run thorough, accurate, compliant background screens on every candidate. For that reason, agencies that want to reduce their vulnerability to low-quality placements should consider outsourcing their background check solutions to a service that’s focused only on background checks for a global market.


It may not be difficult to verify a candidate’s identity and secure some references, but changing technology and data security requirements, along with disparities in information availability across cities, states, countries, educational systems, court systems, and the like can make it extremely difficult to confirm much more. And those more detailed pieces of information can sometimes make all the difference.


In order to consistently place those highly qualified candidates, staffing agencies need to be prepared to vet their candidates’ education, credentialing, and employment history, plus …


  • Credit history
  • Criminal records
  • OIG lists
  • SAM records
  • Sex offender status
  • Terrorist watch lists


These are databases that need to be considered only for employment in the United States. Clients with a global presence and candidates with work visas will need vetting through international resources. Research can get very time consuming and very expensive when records need to be secured from across state lines, never mind international ones. A global background check provider will already have the knowhow to secure records from international sources while adhering to compliance regulations for every nation involved.


When background check solutions cater to the specific needs of an industry, they can provide the best recruiting and candidate screening outcomes. ClearStar offers staffing background checks and client services that can boost speed to hire and save employers time and money without risking reputations.


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