Why Background Check Services are Important for Virtual Interviews


Why Background Check Services are Important for Virtual Interviews

Pandemic or not, there’s a lot to be said for a virtual workforce. But employers who are new to this M.O. are on quite a learning curve­—starting with recruiting and vetting job candidates. Virtual recruitment isn’t completely new, but businesses that have previously leaned on that in-person connection before making a job offer now have to navigate making their character and skill judgments virtually, too. Background check services become a real advantage at this point in the hiring process.

What You Save vs. What You Gain

The biggest perk to having a virtual hiring process and the virtual team is the cost savings, of course, but what’s gained in savings can be lost in a feeling of connection among the team members. That feeling begins with the interview process. Being certain a new hire is exactly who they say they are can go a long way toward helping the existing team build trust with its newest members. Background check services can research your candidate’s claims about education, degrees, certifications, work history, and more.

Body language cues can also be lost during virtual interviews. It’s easier for a virtual candidate to multitask or falsify a digital application without a recruiter knowing until far into the hiring process. Beyond the regular background check of a candidate’s work history claims, modern and experienced background check services analyze a candidate’s web presence and communicate concerns while maintaining compliance with EEOC and privacy regulations. Social media screening and other web-based resources can be a big source of legal trouble for recruiters who are unfamiliar with ever-changing legal regulations surrounding them. Getting experienced help with this kind of vetting can save recruiters time and money.

Background Check Services Have Your Back

Whether virtual recruiting and interviewing is your specialty or a completely new way of doing business, ask ClearStar to back up your hiring choices with background check services that ensure you’ve made the best offers to the best candidates.


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