Why is it difficult to verify past employers?


Why is it difficult to verify past employers?

Forget the past. Live in the moment.

It’s a philosophy you’ll bump into even if you just read a few inspirational quotes.

But in the world of HR and background screening, the past matters.

One typical element of screening—verifying past employers—can be a challenge. But it’s not an area to ignore. Statistics say just over 35 percent of candidates offer information that’s slightly less than truthful in this area. Plus, past employment history is one of the best indicators of future work performance.

As critical as the information may be, it isn’t always the easiest to obtain. Why is it so hard? The short answer is: companies aren’t required to share information.

Company policies governing what to share (and what not to share) with potential new employers may differ. Some companies may not respond to any requests to verify information and others, depending on their state, cannot share certain data.

For example, in some states, it isn’t legal to share information about a former employee’s salary. And, as expected, many former employers also decline to share information about any performance, legal, or ethical issues to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Experts say when it comes to screening, the key is to look beyond the resume. Professional background screeners typically look for sources other than the job candidate to verify employer contact information, and it’s important to understand that extra time may be needed to reach past employers.

While background screening can vary, depending on the company and the job description, some basic elements will remain the same for each check. Verifying past employment is one of those elements. One hallmark of a professional background screening company is including past employment verification in all their screening.

The bottom line is: all background screening can be tough without a professional screening partner. We can help. For over 20 years, ClearStar has been helping companies with our state-of-the-art screening services. What to know more? Contact us today.


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