Work Less, Play (Games) More


Work Less, Play (Games) More

With every company I have ever worked for, I have tried to make it a FUN place to be. For me, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, making, or doing; you can also find a way to make the workplace entertaining. This typically manifests as playing games. Pre-COVID (side note—I wonder if PC will have a new meaning after all of this), it was easy. We would bring cornhole boards into the office or break out the 6 foot, life-size Connect Four or turn the conference table into a ping pong table. On some days, we would play with oversized Uno cards or even play hide and seek in our cubicles. But that was all before the world changed. We have had to reinvent how we have FUN.

In our office, half of our employees are working in the office and the other half are working from home. Like many companies, using Zoom has been a life saver and a necessary way to stay connected. But I still wanted to find ways to have fun and play games with my co-workers. I could site several articles (like this one or this one) that talk about the importance of playing games at work, as it helps relieve stress and actually results in higher productivity; but instead, I want to share with you some of my favorites:

This is a trivia game. A free version is available by clicking the Basic hyperlink on the pricing page. This allows ready-made games for up to 10 people. If you have more people or want to make your own questions, subscriptions start at $10 a month. The ready-made quizzes have topics like Disney, Marvel, Christmas, current events, sports, music lyrics, and everything in between. It keeps track of scores and the faster you are on the buzzer, the more points you get. This will bring out the competitiveness in your co-workers. We have had some games go down to the wire, and it’s amazing how important bragging rights are.
This is a drawing game like Pictionary, but so much cooler. You can create a private room, which creates a link to send out to your co-workers. You can select the number of rounds between 2 and 10 as well as how long people have to guess the drawing, ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Once you start the game, each person will get to be the drawer and everyone else is the guesser. Each round is complete after each person has been the drawer once. When it’s your turn to draw, you are presented with three words and get to pick which one you will draw. You then get to choose from a number of brush sizes and types as well as colors for your drawing. Everyone else is trying to guess it as fast as they can, winning more points for speed.

This is a new game I have just found that I will be playing with my team next week. Another one for bragging rights! Who is the best typer? Who is the fastest and most accurate? You can practice all you like on the “Practice Yourself” link. This will give you a feel for how the site works. When you are ready you can hit the “Race Your Friends” button and get a custom link to give out. Once everyone joins, you will compete by typing the same sentences while moving your car indicator to see who wins the race. You can also compete against other online opponents. The current leaderboard Hall of Fame includes people typing over 350 words per minute. I am not sure if it’s for real. I also will not tell you my average typing speed.

If you are still reading this, I am sure you like playing games and have some of your own you play at work. I would love to hear about your favorite ones; as I am ALWAYS looking for new games to play in our office. But for now, I have to get back to work. This is for the record.

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