Adapting to COVID-19 with Background Screening Software


Adapting to COVID-19 with Background Screening Software

Ongoing COVID-19-related changes to hiring protocols are keeping recruiters and background screening software providers on their toes. While everyone’s efforts are being made to keep workplaces functioning as well as possible, it’s still important to comply with EEOC and ADA guidelines, and well as all federal guidelines regulating background reports when hiring and maintaining a workforce during this time.


Things to Remember When Screening Employees for COVID-19


When it comes to day-to-day operations, the EEOC currently allows employers to administer COVID-19 testing before employees enter the workplace. But there are a few things employers must remember during this process.


  • COVID-19 testing must be administered equally to all employees.
  • No additional screening inquiries may be administered with COVID-19 screening.
  • Wage and hour laws may apply to employees waiting to be tested and waiting for test results.
  • Employees must provide written consent to the screening and return to work policies if test results are positive.
  • All COVID-19 screening results must be kept confidential.


Background screening software provided by ClearStar may help with maintaining data security when it comes to clinical screening of employees.


COVID-19-Driven Issues with Background Screening


COVID-19 has affected workplaces across the board. Just like the private sector, staffing in the courts, public records offices, consumer reporting agencies, educational institutions, and the like has been reduced, too. Employers have to remember resources are limited for vetting candidates.


  • The results of records requests from government agencies may not be up to date.
  • Graduation details and attendance dates may not be available from schools.
  • Previous employers may not have staff available to respond to inquiries efficiently.


Therefore, if a candidate is required to supply their own background information in any of these areas, employers must be aware of laws affecting what information they’re allowed to see and whether a candidate needs to redact details from a document.


ClearStar Can Help

Our international team strives to stay on top of legal regulations surrounding our services–including and especially during times of uncertainty. Ask ClearStar how our background screening software and the team behind it can help you recruit and vet candidates as thoroughly and accurately as possible while maintaining compliance with current and evolving needs.


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