Are all background checks going to come up with the exact same information?


Are all background checks going to come up with the exact same information?

All men are created equal. But all background checks?

Definitely not.

Here’s part of the reason why: there is no “standard” background check.

It sounds good, though, doesn’t it? It’s an easy advertising slogan that works for companies selling quick, low-cost background checks. But it’s a myth.

Background screening procedures vary wildly from one organization to another. Even within the same field, businesses will have completely different ideas about what they’re looking for in a background check, say experts.

A professional background check should always be filtered through whatever a particular industry, company, and job description requires. And, of course, every check should be guided by the state and federal screening rules.

But here’s another reason all background checks aren’t created equal: they’re not all looking for the same information and not all databases offer the same information.

One great example, if a company needs a background check for a minimum wage employee, that check would cover certain areas. If that same company were seeking to fill a CEO position, the background check would be completely different. It would most likely be more in-depth and include more information.

Another side of this coin: it’s not unusual for some databases to offer inaccurate information. Databases with incomplete or inaccurate information can obviously give skewed screening results. That’s why it’s always important to use companies with good sources and to always follow the law when it comes to screening. If a red flag pops up in a background check, it’s critical to offer the candidate time to address it and correct it.

All background screening may not be created equal, and all background screening companies aren’t either. Does your company have a professional screening partner that can connect them with the latest technology and the most experienced screening professionals in the business? Call us today to find out how you we can make a difference for you.


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