Available Only From ClearStar



Available Only From ClearStar

What Does Assured Compliance® Offer?

Assured Compliance® – available only from ClearStar – uses fully automated technology to control all applicant facing notices, disclosures, adverse action documentation, “Ban the Box” procedures, limitations on the use of credit reports, and prohibited salary inquiries. With Assured Compliance®, all system managed aspects are fully compliant and are updated in real-time.

Assured Compliance® is a modern and innovative background screening technology that delivers a great experience every time to applicants and employers. The Assured Compliance® online paperless background screening system is continually updated based on changes in hiring and employment laws to make compliance with new regulations painless.

Features of Assured Compliance® for Applicants and Employers

  • Flexible Automation: One size does not fit all so disclosures, notices, and consents are presented to applicants in a fully automated solution as required by the growing patchwork of local, state, and federal laws.
  • Adverse Action: The automated adverse action workflow complies with regulations to help eliminate the greatest compliance challenges for employers and make navigating complicated requirements a breeze.
  • Dynamic & Compliant: Applicants are presented only with disclosures that are relevant to them based on where they live and work in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion during the background screening process.
  • Auto Updated: The background screening landscape is always changing so disclosures, notices, and other compliance processes are automatically updated with any changes in local, state, and federal laws.
  • Strong Audit Trail: Transparency is critical when screening so applicants receive any disclosures, notices, and e-signed consents by email during the application process to create a reliable audit trail for employers.
  • Multilingual: Background screening is a global affair so powerful language capabilities support multiple languages to help applicants from all over the world to complete the application process without any limitations.

For more information about Assured Compliance®, please contact ClearStar.

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