Background Checks Can Help Dental Industry Employers Secure Top, Trustworthy Talent


Background Checks Can Help Dental Industry Employers Secure Top, Trustworthy Talent

In the dental industry, trustworthiness ranks quite high on the long list of traits we require of support staff, administrators, and professionals, too. Because of HIPAA, patient privacy laws, and the highly personal nature of all healthcare services, patients and employers alike tend to assume trust is a natural element of every aspiring care provider’s personality type. Unfortunately, that’s just not always the case.

Healthcare and dental industry roles are well respected and in demand, making them highly sought after by people who will do anything to land them. Workers in all fields admit to stretching the truth at least a little bit on a job application or resume. So, when you need to hire a skilled worker in a regulated field like dentistry, how can you be sure you’re responding to the best candidates instead of candidates who have the best stories?

When you just can’t know by looking or interviewing, a professional background check and thorough pre-employment screening maybe your only defense.

It’s understandable to want to waive this as a technicality when a role needs to be filled and a candidate looks, acts, and seems like the perfect fit. But candidate background checks and pre-employment screenings can expose issues even the most experienced hiring managers may never expect, like:

• Misleading claims – there’s no excuse for not ensuring your employees have the certifications, credentials, and educational backgrounds they say they do. Anything less can be a legal risk to your practice. A background check will secure the facts.

• Less-than desirable skills – it’s one thing to know how to use a computer application or medical appliance, it’s another to know how to use them accurately. A reference check will uncover the reality of how well a candidate actually demonstrates the necessary skills.

Solutions that cater to the specific needs of the industry provide the best recruiting and candidate screening outcomes. ClearStar offers healthcare industry background checks that meet the requirements of your industry, local, state, or national regulations and requirements.


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