Background Checks: Our Philosophy


Background Checks: Our Philosophy

Are background checks just about digging for dirt or finding skeletons in the closet? No, not at all.

It is true that background checks can help shine more light on an candidate, and that can be important because statistics say not everyone is completely honest on their applications. After all, background screening got its start when an employer was held liable for an employee’s deadly actions. In fact, the legal and financial implications for hiring the wrong person can be huge. Some sources say employee theft tops out at $25,000 a month. That’s not pocket change.

And these days, background checks are much more than a business issue.

Background checks have bounced around the national spotlight, while lawmakers consider similar questions with the immigration ban. It’s a mammoth issue with multiple sides. Should the focus be adding extensive screening to look for criminals? Or is current screening enough? Should our focus be more on welcoming all the talented newcomers?

The political debate promises to ramble, but, for a business, the need for new talent is more immediate and the goal is deeper than it may appear on the surface.

Background checks do aim to protect, but looking at the screening process through that lens means missing the bigger picture.

The goal is not to identify the unqualified candidates, but to identify the person that best meets your company’s hiring criteria. It’s more about verifying the positive instincts you already have for your candidate. Using a background check to look for the positive helps you find the right candidate, and can also help you find a candidate’s strengths, experts say.

At ClearStar, we believe background screening is not about keeping bad people out. It’s about empowering you to let the good ones in, affirming decisions that have already been made and allowing you confidently welcome new team members. Call ClearStar today to get started!


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