Best Pre-Employment Screening Questions


Best Pre-Employment Screening Questions

You don’t want just anybody.

You want the best person for your team: someone with just the right blend of skills for the job. But finding the right person in a crowd of candidates? That can be tricky, especially with all the depth the Internet adds to a pool of candidates. So, what’s the best way to narrow the field?

Pre-employment screening questions are a great option.

It’s important to note, though, that these screening questions won’t narrow your search to one top favorite. Instead, pre-employment screening questions help you decide which candidates may not have the skills your company needs.

Want to get the most impact with your screening questions, though? Here’s how.

Be sure all questions are compliant. Whatever you ask, make sure it reflects current hiring laws. It isn’t hard to add questions that seem relevant but do not actually comply with the law. 

Stick to specific, job-related questions. Think about the specific needs of the job and then put together questions. For example, don’t ask about personal work ethic. Ask if they’d be available to work specific hours the job requires.

Talk to them about their goals. Talking to an candidate about why they applied for this job can help gauge their interest in the company’s mission and also determine if your job descriptions are appropriate.

Keep questions simple. Don’t pile on too much. Try to narrow down this pre-screening screening to as few questions as possible. Decide what’s most important in your new hires and put your handful of pre-screening questions to work.

At ClearStar, we believe all screening should be simple and user-friendly. That’s why we offer the latest technology combined with the best customer service for those who partner with us. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company!


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