Checkpoint Cleared – ClearStar Retains NAPBS Accreditation


Checkpoint Cleared – ClearStar Retains NAPBS Accreditation

At ClearStar we strive to be a valuable partner to each and every one of our customers—and we take pride in guaranteeing our solutions. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve passed our Interim Surveillance Audit, the three-year checkpoint that validates our NAPBS accreditation and enables us to retain it for the full five years.

For us, that means we’ve remained compliant with the necessary procedures and privacy regulations. For our customers, it can mean a lot more:

A High Standard of Excellence

According to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the voluntary accreditation process “is a substantial step” in building the quality of a service and the value of an organization. At ClearStar, that means we’ve committed to not only building the most comprehensive background screening software available, but to maintaining it as well. Other factors of being an accredited CRA include a commitment to uphold and deliver the highest level of industry standards for:

  • Consumer Protection
  • Legal Compliance
  • Client Education
  • Researcher and Data Product Standards
  • Verification Service Standards
  • General Business Practices

Industry-Recognized Credentials

All NAPBS-accredited companies choose to undergo the process. It requires a deep dive into what is being done, how it’s being done, how it can be improved, and most importantly, how it can be replicated for every single interaction. These rigorous at-desk and on-site audits not only assess what information is being retrieved but how it is being respected in the organization.

Consistency & Reliability

Due to the intensive documentation process required during the accreditation and audit phases, we have streamlined your access to the right information from the right people, right now. It is vital to us that the ClearStar reputation remains a trusted one among our customers and our colleagues. Simplifying our processes means we can deliver, whenever and wherever you need us to.

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