Cleaning Up Perceptions in Garbage Collection


Cleaning Up Perceptions in Garbage Collection

Changing how the public views a particular industry, whether it’s true or not, doesn’t happen overnight. It’s especially unfair when everyone gets painted with the same broad brush because of the actions of a few bad apples. For years, the waste industry has been fighting stereotypes of criminal involvement and lax standards. When stories of fraudulent activity come to light such as the hiring of undocumented workers with stolen identifications recently reported at Waste Management, those perceptions are reinforced.

So, what can be done to protect and enhance your company’s brand and reputation? Establishing a thorough background screening process is a step in the right direction, not only to verify identities and eligibility but also to ensure that you are hiring candidates who don’t have a criminal background. Our ClearID mobile solution uses face-match technology to provide fast, quality identity verification on-the-spot and in under five minutes.

In the case of Waste Management, they were burned by an outside staffing agency. The key is to add a competent background and drug screening company that has the resources to handle the responsibility and volume of workers. For many, it’s too much to handle internally. Having an outside company that is completely focused on screening and specialized in compliance is a smart move that can save you headaches and PR nightmares down the road.

Here’s the good news: ClearStar is more than capable and qualified to handle it. We understand that we are representing you and your brand. As industry requirements continue to evolve, rest assured that we’re not only up-to-speed but ahead-of-the-curve, providing the most comprehensive background and drug screening services available.

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