ClearStar and iCIMS: Partnerships That Make Screening More Accessible for You and Your Clients


ClearStar and iCIMS: Partnerships That Make Screening More Accessible for You and Your Clients

Bytes. Clouds. Phishing. Mining. Cookies.


Technology is impossible to ignore. But sometimes it can feel pretty impossible to live with, too. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Technology shouldn’t be just for those with degrees in Advanced Coding.


At ClearStar, we don’t believe technology has to be an either/or proposition. We believe it can be both cutting-edge and user-friendly. We believe technology can be advancing while at the same time making your job easier and less complicated.


We always ask ourselves: will this technology make the job easier for our clients?


That’s why we’re excited to tell you about our new partnership with iCIMS Talent Platform. It’s technology that offers plenty of potential. The iCIMS platform plus ClearStar technology you’ve come to know and love will equal better access for you and your employees.


The integration of the ClearStar system into the iCIMS Talent Platform officially happened last summer. And in tech terms, this partnership means recruiters can access information from their iCIMS portal. They’ll be able to manage the hiring process from start to finish, all within a single, cloud-based application. Plus, integrating mobile-responsive ClearStar tools like ScreenMeNow, ClearID, and ClearMD into the iCIMS platform means having hiring tools accessible whenever, wherever you need them.


But this upgrade isn’t just for employers.


This technology also gives more access to candidates. The iCIMS partnership helps employers meet “consumer-like expectations.” This user-friendly technology enhances mobile services and gives candidates the tools to make the hiring process happen without a hassle.


By making it easier for candidates, we help you capture the qualified labor that normally wouldn’t engage with a more cumbersome process. That means you can connect with a deeper, stronger talent pool.


When you combine the latest technology with exceptional client service, you get solutions that work hard to help your business succeed. Discover how ClearStar can help your company succeed. Contact us today.


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