ClearStar’s Core Values are at the Center of Our Success


ClearStar’s Core Values are at the Center of Our Success

We Live What We Believe Every Time.

What is most important to ClearStar? How do we approach making decisions? Why are we considered a leader in our industry? 

Simply stated: because we know, understand, and live our core values. On the surface, we are recognized for our innovative and comprehensive suite of background screening products and services. However, they are all powered by a global team of professionals united by and rooted in our core values. They are sacred to us and will never be compromised. 

ClearStar’s Core Values

The following core values light the way for our team. They drive every decision we make and have been an integral part of the success we’ve experienced throughout the years. So, to ensure all we serve clearly understand what to expect from ClearStar, here are the core values that drive us to be better each day:

  1. We think like a customer—we anticipate needs, stay one step ahead, and build stronger, more meaningful relationships with those we serve.
  2. We act quickly and with integrity—and always follow up and follow through.
  3. We actively pursue innovation and implement it into everything we do. 
  4. We believe in open and honest conversations and approach every person we serve with respect. 
  5. We know we can accomplish more as a team than we ever could on our own and work hard to support each other in all we do.
  6. We believe winning isn’t just a goal, but a habit—and we feel it’s our responsibility to set the standard for success in our industry.

How We Use Our Core Values to Drive Success

Giving lip service to core values isn’t enough. We know they must be a part of the lived, everyday experiences of our employees. And we hold each other accountable for achieving these values. 

Every decision we make goes through this lens to ensure we’re staying true to who we are as an organization. Consequently, our value-driven strategy has given us a competitive edge in our industry and allowed us to be a leading provider of human capital integrity. 

Moving Forward with Confidence

We’re committed to keeping a clear focus on our core values as we move into the future. We’re confident that every experience you have with ClearStar will reflect our values. And we believe our reliance on these values will drive an even brighter future for ClearStar and those we serve. 


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