Continuous Background Screening for Ongoing Security


Continuous Background Screening for Ongoing Security

To most workers, background screening has been considered a one and done hoop to jump through after an offer of employment has been made. Accept the job, pass the background screen, and then go back to being mostly unnoticed and never again having your life examined as long as you stay with the same employer.


Screening only at hire and never again can create ongoing risks for employers. Not only could a worker with a squeaky-clean background when hired accumulate a questionable record later, but an important record that wasn’t available during the initial screen can become available soon after. Implementing continuous background screening can reduce risks by following up for these unexpected changes in behavior and information availability.


Real-Time Monitoring for Real-Time Security


Thanks to the internet technology and data availability, businesses can address employee security concerns by monitoring employee records continuously throughout their employment or contract periods. Because law enforcement, motor vehicle department, credit, education, and professional licensure records–and more–are available online and updated regularly, continuous background screening can be an employer’s 24/7 partner for post-hire screening that delivers alerts as soon as a potential issue arises.


Continuous background screening presents a tremendous amount of security benefits, but there are some risks. Partnering with an experienced, background screening company that has the most up-to-date technology and legal knowledge is likely the most-efficient way to ensure balance. Not only can ClearStar help with Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance and monitoring employee consent for ongoing screens, but we are also experienced with the technology required to acquire comprehensive data and prepared to assure your employees that their personal data is secure throughout our low-stress screening experience.


Ask ClearStar how our fast, easy, and comprehensive continuous background screening solutions can reduce employee risk in your business.


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