Employment Screening Trends You Should Know in 2021


Employment Screening Trends You Should Know in 2021

As 2021 continues, many workplaces will continue to screen employees remotely or hire on a contingency or trial basis and conduct remote drug testing and background checks. But as the world opens back up, will these trends continue?

Many workers have expressed interest in working remotely or incorporating a more flexible schedule throughout the week.

Some companies are even attracting remote candidates by continuing to work outside of the office.

Since these trends are likely to continue into the near future, we break down what you need to know about each one.

Here’s what is happening in the world of employment screening in 2021.

Background Checks
Background checks were more difficult to conduct in 2020 because of all the government closures. As a result, it was challenging for many to verify the background of candidates, including accessing employer records and education records.

As things begin to open up, background checks will be more accessible to companies seeking to hire.

Contingency and Trial Offers
Because background checks became backlogged during the pandemic, a new hiring trend emerged: contingency offers or trials. In industries that needed workers now, an employer would make an offer, and the employee would begin, knowing that the proposal was contingent on passing a background check.

Alternatives to Drug Testing
Because many labs were busy doing COVID testing this year, drug screenings generally took longer. As a result, alternative solutions for drug testing, including remote oral fluid testing, emerged as a practical alternative.

Other companies began reviewing their drug policies altogether or, in the case of Amazon, stopped testing workers for things such as marijuana use.

Accuracy in Focus for Criminal Records
Because there are so many people still experiencing unemployment, accuracy is more important than ever. If someone finds out that he or she did not get a job or position because of an inaccurate drug test, there could be cause for litigation or negative publicity.

The prevention of both false positives and false negatives is of utmost importance right now.

Is Continuous Screening The Wave of the Future?
Because remote work will continue to grow in the wake of businesses realizing it can work for them, continuous screening has become a solid approach to monitoring employees. Ongoing screening means that employers monitor the records of employees throughout the year, or even annually, to check for illegal or unsavory behavior.

Indeed, periodic “checks” on employees help establish regular opportunities for companies to monitor remote workers and establish more trust across the board.


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