GDPR Impact on Background Screening in the UK


GDPR Impact on Background Screening in the UK

At ClearStar, our team works to keep you informed on the latest developments in the background screening industry and how they can affect the way we all do business. We’re also big on collaboration. Recently, Andy Hellman, our Managing Director of International & Strategic Initiatives and Kerstin Bagus, our Director of Global Initiatives partnered with Emma Butler, Data Protection Officer for Yoti, to write The Impact of the GDPR on Background Screening in the UK, which was published in the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy.

What made this effort especially satisfying was being able to draw from Emma’s extensive experience (over 12 years) in data protection. A portion of that time was spent with the Information Commissioner’s Office (IC), which is the chief privacy regulator in the UK.

The paper itself focuses on the implication of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance on employers who conduct pre-employment background screening, a topic which is rarely discussed. GDPR analysis tends to be limited to providers such as Facebook and Google. The unique perspective within the paper offers practical guidance, primarily focused on end users such as hiring companies but also addresses the issues that screening companies face.

Although the paper isn’t an exhaustive analysis of the topic, it does touch on the following areas:

• Lawful basis for processing

• The use of criminal record checks

• Contracts and legal obligations of employers

• Data subject (candidate) rights

• Data retention

We’re excited to share our work with you. To download The Impact of the GDPR on Background Screening, click here.


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