Got Job Openings? ATSs Can Help You Secure 2021’s Top Candidates


Got Job Openings? ATSs Can Help You Secure 2021’s Top Candidates

When you have a job opening, it rarely pays to drag your feet toward filling it. Sitting in an open position can leave your team short-handed and overworked, it allows competitors to nab the best candidate and, depending on your business model, can keep your business from generating needed revenue.


As the world re-awakens from COVID-19  this year, some industries may find themselves with a sudden need to fill an overwhelming number of positions and, because of high unemployment caused by the pandemic, many businesses will find themselves with an overwhelming number of very well-qualified candidates.


That last problem will actually be a nice one to have, but to manage it effectively may require you to put into place some robust hiring tools and practices, beginning with an candidate tracking system (ATS).


How ATSs Will Help with Hiring in 2021


As an employer with an urgent need to fill jobs, you’ll need to cast a wide net to attract that a large number of candidates who are qualified, diverse, and ready-to-work. Using an ATS, hiring managers can create one job listing that will automatically post to multiple online job sites. Then, the ATS will consolidate candidate information in a single database, regardless of which job site they used to apply to.


Once a sufficient number of candidates are captured by your ATS, filtering can ensure that only resumes with certain predesignated keywords reach your inbox. (In fact, weeding out all of the completely underqualified candidates may be the biggest way an ATS earns its keep around the office.) And if every candidate turns out to be qualified? You can use the ATS to narrow your search to a greater skill set, level of experience, and so on. That being said, the ATS can also help your company comply with employment law, and It creates a record of activity should a legal issue arise at a later date.


The world is aiming to make COVID-19 a non-issue before the end of 2021 and employers are preparing to secure top candidates in record time. Life is about to get back to normal. Don’t underestimate your potential hiring needs! No matter your size, you can benefit from third-party services like ATSs and, of course, employment screening. Talk to ClearStar now about the screening tools you may need later this year as those awesome candidates join your team.


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