Hiring & Global Background Check Regulations


Hiring & Global Background Check Regulations

Global background checks can be a burden when it comes to hiring an international workforce. How do companies manage it? What do you need to know?

How Can Your Company Handle this Overwhelming Process?
Building your workforce in the 21st century means it’s more likely than ever that you’ll have employees located around the world. If you’re an established international corporation, you may have offices everywhere. If you’re a young start-up, you may have no office at all but employees working virtually anywhere. Either way, how do you handle all that’s involved with global screening requirements on a pool of job candidates that crisscrosses borders?

Speak the Right Language(s)
Your company may communicate in American English 100% of the time and the candidates you’re considering may be fluent English speakers as well. Even so, the governments and vendors from which you’ll have to source information for your screen may have language requirements of their own. Make sure you understand their communications before you get started.

Get Versed in International Law
Just like the U.S., every nation in the world protects its citizens with privacy laws, regulates its employers with business laws, maintains various criminal records, and requires adherence to specific measures for its cybersecurity. Keeping up with all these regulations in the U.S. is daunting enough. Doing business from inside the U.S. and working with employees who are citizens of other nations can mean keeping up with more regulations and information access points than humanly possible.

Nail Down the Right Documentation
Before vetting a candidate who lives abroad or holds foreign educational/employment experience, you’ll need to know what personal information to request, in which form to request it, and where you need to file it. If you’re doing global screenings on many candidates from many nations, this will take a while­—probably far longer than you want any position to remain open.

Or, Just Ask for Help
If languages, international law, and red tape aren’t your forte­, you’ll need to rely on a trustworthy third-party who’s already sourced experts in all of these areas to help you with your background checks. The ClearStar Global Screening Team knows how to manage background checks for candidates in more than 230 countries. We can help you manage background checks in a few places or all over the world. Let us know what you need.

Want professional guidance on how to do your business’s screening? Contact us at ClearStar today and learn more about our Retail Background Checks.


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