How AI Will Change HR and Screening


How AI Will Change HR and Screening

No, the world isn’t being overrun by robots.

You could say it’s been getting a few upgrades, though. Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, continues to bring some amazing tech updates into the workplace. HR and background screening haven’t been left out of these upgrades.

So, what changes are on the horizon? Here’s a snapshot.

Some experts believe as AI continues to develop, it won’t cut jobs but create new jobs. For example, as it’s being used more and more, companies will need new managers to handle the data and make sure AI is used responsibly. Its management would likely require a combination of HR and a Chief Information Officer. And that’s just one example.

AI plays a supporting role in plenty of up and coming , too. It’s being used more and more to support HR with hiring and employee support. It’s also being used to boost educational opportunities. With AI, HR can track and measure performance to find which learning solutions work best for their employees.

AI also represents “collaborative intelligence,” a combination of people skills and AI expertise that can make jobs happen quicker and easier. Screening is a great example. One startup uses AI, machine learning, and analytics to tackle screening. AI can help screeners in multiple ways; it spots patterns in data, finds the most relevant data, and speeds up the search process.

While no one has a crystal ball, AI holds plenty of promise. But even as it tackles bigger and more complicated tasks, experts advise against discounting every low-tech resource. They predict that the value of instinct and human interaction will always remain high despite advances in technology.

If you’re looking for a company that blends all the latest technology with a personal approach, you’ve come to the right place. Call ClearStar today to get started.


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