HR Pros are the Most Stressed, Says New Report


HR Pros are the Most Stressed, Says New Report

A recent report says HR is the most stressful job of all. Can stressed-out HR pros find some balance at the office?

According to a new study, HR professionals experience the most stress on the job­–more than workers in any other field. The report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), names constant multi-tasking plus the frequent discussions of negative issues related to employees and then the pressure of finding solutions to them as the culprits. People problems, systems problems, ongoing administrative tasks… Where does it end?


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Though CIPD reported that 79% of HR pros felt negatively impacted by their jobs, it also reported that 62% of them claimed their workloads were “unmanageable.” The stress of dealing with unhappy coworkers and other personnel issues is variable from day to day–if not hour to hour–so it requires HR pros to have some professional and emotional availability at all times. Is it even possible to successfully handle that plus the dynamics of managing processes, training, policies and more?


The solution may be to find ways of streamlining as many other tasks and processes as possible. Mobile technology and the internet make it possible to outsource what can be some of the most highly-detailed, labor-intensive tasks for the HR pro: initiate background and drug screening and day-to-day labor management. ClearStar offers a number of mobile solutions that offer efficiencies while keeping privacy and administration in the hands of HR.  Collecting data directly from job candidates and sharing the detail work of task management directly with only those that are required to know. The ClearStar suite of mobile apps includes tools like:

  • ClearMD for drug screening and clinical testing.
  • ScreenMeNow for candidate engagement and collection of data.
  • ClearID for identity validation.
  • ClearContact for casual labor management.


Ask ClearStar how any of all of these industry-leading solutions can put mobile technology to work so HR pros can boost efficiency for the whole office and reduce their own stress.


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