Mobile Screening is the New Trend Among Employers


Mobile Screening is the New Trend Among Employers

In the last several years, employers have begun utilizing the rising trend of mobile medical and background screening with their potential new employees. Mobile screening allows employers to handle necessary screening in the palms of their hands, alleviating some stress during the hiring process.

How can mobile medical and background screening improve the hiring process, and is it right for you?

Mobile Screening is Sweeping Across Employers in the Nation.

ID Validation and Facial Recognition

When it comes to mobile screening, facial recognition is a must-have; being able to snap a photo of your candidate’s face and their photo ID to verify their identity makes hiring contract labor effortless. All it takes is a mobile device and a few minutes of your time, and you’ll have results in under five minutes. It also reduces the chances of manual data entry errors and stores necessary documentation and data.

Drug Screening Evaluations

Drug screening can be stressful, especially when an employee’s job or health is on the line. Quick results can make all the difference, so it is incredibly convenient when test ordering and results are available on any mobile device. Mobile drug test ordering allows an employer to place an order online, watch real-time collection status updates, and receive results as soon as they are ready. Like ID validation, it also reduces the chances of manual data entry errors, as all information and options are online.

Background Screening

When background screening can be the deciding factor of hiring someone or not, getting fast and accurate information is essential. Mobile background checks help employers verify candidates quickly by having candidates enter information and e-signature consent from their mobile devices. Not only does it accelerate data entry and minimize mistakes, but it also allows for the uploading of custom forms and storing of e-signatures to maintain compliance. Giving candidates ownership of the screening process relieves employers of the stress of background checks, especially when they can receive updates through text and email.

Mobile Screening with ClearStar


ClearID is ClearStar’s convenient ID validation app built with facial recognition software made to make contract labor hiring a snap. Within five easy steps, employers can get actionable results in under five minutes and access additional background screening services:

  1. Select screening package and enter basic candidate information
  2. Capture consent
  3. Take a photo of the candidate’s face
  4. Take a photo of the candidate’s government-issued photo ID
  5. Click submit

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The drug screening process can be made easier with ClearMD; ClearStar partners with major labs, such as Quest, and allows for ordering hundreds of different tests (urine, hair, blood, etc.) online. Every order is customizable and provides employers with real-time status updates and doctor-reviewed results. ClearMD can also be completed in five easy steps:

  1. Place an order online or create an invite for candidates to do it themselves
  2. Candidate receives information needed to complete the test
  3. Collection site is notified and preps for candidate’s appointment
  4. Real-time collection status updates are sent via text or email
  5. Once collection is made, results are sent via email

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Along with drug screening and ID validation, ClearStar also has mobile options for background screening. Like the drug screening, it is completely customizable and gives employers status updates through text and email. ScreenMeNow is accessible and can be used in five steps:

  1. Set up custom screening packages
  2. Send an email invite to the candidate to complete the application
  3. Candidate enters basic information and provides e-signature consent
  4. Add ClearID or ClearMD to validate ID or perform a drug or clinical test
  5. Screening status updates are sent via text or email

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