Occupational Health Screening


Occupational Health Screening

Staying healthy these days can be a complicated job.

There are calories to count. (Or is it carbs we’re supposed to be counting?) Steps to track. Food labels to decode. Not to mention all those health warnings to wade through. As important as it is, the idea of a healthy lifestyle can feel a little overwhelming.

But when health intersects with work, it’s a whole different story.

That’s where occupational health comes in. With occupational health services, companies can support their employees and their business with various types of screening including screening that helps accommodate employees’ health needs and required health checks to monitor workplace health hazards. Occupational health screening can also include drug testing in compliance with current laws and company policy.

Occupational health screening helps companies create an environment where employees feel valued and their health is top priority. With confidential tests, occupational health screening aims to help in several areas, but, of course, varies depending on job description.

Pre-employment baseline screening for example is performed to assess physical and medical suitability for a role, and determine if a pre-existing condition makes an individual susceptible to the health risks accompanying the job or aggravate an existing health .

What’s the secret to seeing some of these benefits reflected in your company? Finding a professional partner to help with occupational health screening services.

That’s where ClearStar comes in. Our collection of occupational health screening services includes drug testing, MRO services, physical and medical services, and drug-free workplaces programs. We also have a mobile app for drug testing, ClearMD. Want to know more? Contact us today!



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