The Great Resignation of 2021


The Great Resignation of 2021

As record-breaking resignation numbers continue to rise in the United States, employers are wondering why their employees are so quick to quit their jobs and how to keep them from leaving. The resignations could be a result of the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, low pay and benefits, new job opportunities, or a mix of all of the above.


Why has the “Quits Rate” increased in the last few months, and how can employers appeal to their ready-to-resign workforce?


The “Quits Rate”

The “Great Resignation” of 2021 has a continuing record of 4.4 million U.S. workers quitting their jobs in September 2021, only just breaking the record of 4.3 million from the month before. This is the highest total resignation rate since December 2000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The high resignation rate is due to the increasing “Quits Rate,” which measures the willingness of employees to quit their jobs. The “Quits Rate” is at an all-time high of 3.0% as of September 2021.


Why Quit?

A survey was taken of American employees by Resume Builder, a job-seeking resource, stating that approximately 15% of the workforce (1 in 7 workers surveyed) indicated they were planning on quitting their jobs by the end of 2021. The survey discovered that 50% of the workers surveyed said they were leaving to find better pay and benefits, which is the most common motivator. They also said that they were planning on starting their own business (44%), looking for more remote work (43%), and/or finding a job they were more passionate about (41%).


Keeping your Employees Happy

Listening to employees and their desires for their careers is the first step to developing lasting relationships with them. An employer who accommodates their employees with remote work (if needed) and shows interest in trying to help them find something they enjoy doing in their job is likely to build a relationship with their employees that they are not so quick to abandon. Additionally, COVID-19 has added unnecessary stress on all employees, so listening to their needs for accommodations or suggestions for improving the work environment could benefit the entire company, not just one employee.


ClearStar and COVID Vaccines

Employers may need to continue testing their employees if they decide to do weekly testing for those who are unvaccinated or suspected of having a breakthrough case. Suppose an employer needs to test an employee for COVID. In that case, ClearStar provides a CRL Rapid Response™ kit — a saliva-based molecular diagnostic test — to determine whether the virus is active or not. The results are available within 24 to 48 hours, on average. Keep in mind that all COVID-19 screening results must be kept confidential.


To place an order for a COVID-19 test, contact the ClearStar Medical Information Services office at 321.821.3383 or [email protected]. To ask about background checks and other medical screening services, call +1.888.982.4648 or visit


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