Tips for Job Candidates


Tips for Job Candidates

Are you on the hunt?

Job hunting feels overwhelming sometimes, and matching your skill set with a great company takes time and persistence.

But it also takes know-how.

What do companies screen for when they’re sifting through the resumes? How can you be sure your skills will grab their attention?

Here’s what you need to know.

It’s not an application; it’s a skills test. Applications can vary plenty between companies. Some are simple one-pagers. Others might ask similar questions, but in a very different way. Read everything carefully. And think of each application as a chance to prove yourself: it’s “your first test in following instructions,” say experts.

Tailor everything to fit the job. Whatever it is you’re writing—a cover letter, a resume, even some parts of an application—don’t fill it with generic information. Offer specifics that fit the job you’re seeking and showcase skills relating to that job.

Have all your information ready. Applications can vary plenty, so it’s best to have every single piece of your information ready to go. This includes references, your social security numbers, phone numbers of previous employers, and more. You don’t want to leave any blanks on an application, so have a stash of information on hand you can refer to, if needed.

Check and double check. First impressions are huge. Check everything for mistakes, grammatical errors, and typos. This doesn’t just include your application or resume. Double check professional social media, like LinkedIn for example, to be sure everything is current.

Throughout their early screening process, companies meet plenty of job seekers.  But connecting with the right one? It’s not as tough if job seekers know how share their value in a professional way.

ClearStar loves helping companies connect with great employees through industry-leading background screening. With our state-of-the-art technology and decades of industry of experience, we help companies hire great teams. Contact us today to learn more!


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