What Info is Included in a Background Check?


What Info is Included in a Background Check?

Background checks can include a lot of information about a job candidate. They’re no longer just about criminal histories and resume verifications. The information that can potentially be revealed by a background check can vary according to job requirements, industry regulations, location of the employer, etc. A couple of areas of concern for many candidates are drug screens and social media.


What Does a Drug Screen Include?


Drug screens can be cursory or somewhat in-depth, depending on applicable laws and the needs of the employer. For the purposes of a pre-employment drug screen or drug test, employers are generally looking for proof of illegal drug use or use of alcohol or other legal substances to an extent that it may diminish a job candidate’s abilities to perform the duties of a job.


As laws loosen restrictions on recreational marijuana use and medical marijuana prescriptions become more common, drug screening is getting more complicated for both job candidates and employers. It’s particularly hazy as there is no accurate measurement for marijuana levels in the bloodstream. In a recent Drug Screening 101 webinar, ClearStar’s Executive Vice President of Medical Information Services provides more details about our drug screening processes, terminology, and myths.


Do Background Checks Include Social Media?


Yes, they can! A background check of internet behavior and social media use must be performed with care by a neutral party who can properly assess an area that offers overwhelming opportunities for misunderstandings and discrimination. A lot of social media activity is benign, but we all know it can ruffle feathers.


Unfortunately, “ruffled feathers” isn’t reason enough to pass on a qualified job candidate. When ClearStar performs social media screenings, we make our findings actionable by reporting back only behavior that presents a legal foundation for concern. Examples of racism, illegal activity, violence, and sharing of sexually explicit material will be included in our reports.


How to Get Background Checks Right


Changing laws, industry regulations, medical allowances, and privacy issues are more than enough to cause concern for employers who are just looking to hire the best candidates from their candidate pools.


ClearStar has all the tools and trained staff to help your HR team feel certain that every candidate is on a legally compliant and level playing field when it comes time for background checks. Plus, our unique attention to candidate care gives your potential hires added confidence in your company. Ask ClearStar about what kinds of background checks we can provide for your needs.


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