What’s Trending for HR in 2019


What’s Trending for HR in 2019

Ever play with a mood ring when you were a kid? Or try to foretell the future with the shake of a Magic 8 Ball? Some days, these toys feel like they might come in handy at work, don’t they?

But since predicting the future isn’t quite a science yet, here is some of what HR experts expect for 2019.

HR will get smarter.

While artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t new to the HR scene, experts say it will continue to play a bigger role. Whether in the hiring process or in the workforce, AI is expected to have more impact than any other trend this year.

 Companies who have used AI successfully will keep building on it. Some statistics say that in 2019 over 40 percent of companies will have AI workers. Thanks to ongoing innovations, AI will offer HR more support, helping with blind hiring, recruiting, compliance, and more.

HR will increase engagement.

Predictions for 2019 include more platforms to manage engagement. And employers will define more of their expectations for engagement and communication.

Experts also predict companies will spend more in 2019 to boost employee engagement. This means they’re willing to work on solutions—like tech, training, recognition, or wellness. This could help employees engage with the company in positive, productive ways.

Who will help manage these platforms and engagement? HR will play a central role.

HR will see enhanced expectations.

HR started mostly as office managers. And hasn’t the transformation been amazing? So, what will 2019 bring?

HR is expected to factor more into overall business strategy. And for companies looking to attract the best talent, HR will help explore new boundaries when it comes to innovation.

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