Why Should My Background Screening Company Have a Medical Review Officer?


Why Should My Background Screening Company Have a Medical Review Officer?

A Medical Review Officer reviews lab results and procedures associated with an employer’s drug and occupational testing program. MRO’s are licensed physicians who have key roles in protecting employer/employee rights, in maintaining the scientific integrity of tests, and handling positive drug test results. They are representatives of the screening process, acting as an impartial third party between the employer and employee.

Why should you pick a screening company with a MRO on staff?

The Department of Transportation Requires Them
Every drug test performed for the U.S. Department of Transportation is required to be reviewed by an MRO, even if not required by state law. This requires any employer who has employees impacted by DOT regulations to have their drug test processed by a company employing an MRO.

They Handle Positive Results
If a test comes up positive, the MRO will attempt to contact the candidate or employee to determine if there is a reasonable explanation for failing the drug test. If he/she confirms there is, the MRO works with the donor to acquire the verifiable proof of the reason and reports these events to the employer. This creates a streamlined, ethical, and controlled system for dealing with positive, but explainable tests.

They Verify Integrity
MRO’s are called on to verify that correct processes have been followed and that test results are correct. This is vital to the drug testing process for those needing to trust the system. They are impartial advocates for the integrity and accuracy of the process by interviewing the donor, reviewing the results, and making a determination.

They Help Keep Good Employees
There are two common reasons why an employee’s drug test may turn up positive: certain prescription painkillers and taking medications for ADHD or similar. These may be exemplary employees with prescriptions for these medications. An MRO reviews the prescriptions and, if the prescriptions are legitimate, alters the results to “negative” for illicit drugs under federal law.

They Verify Physical Requirements
If your new hire is required to lift 50lbs, you need to know if they can’t! Using occupational screening, an MRO can verify that your hire can indeed meet the physical requirements of their position.

MRO’s are critical staff to ensure that the drug and occupational testing process is fair and legal. When evaluating a new background screening partner, make an on-staff MRO one of your must haves!

Meet ClearStar’s EVP of Medical Information Services, Todd Shoulberg! He oversees ClearStar’s Medical Review Office. Get in contact with us today to learn more about how our Medical Review Officer works hand-in-hand with our drug and occupational screening programs.


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