5 Things You Need in Your Background Screening Partner


5 Things You Need in Your Background Screening Partner

When you start looking for a background screening provider, you’re probably bombarded with information. With dozens of competing companies, how can you tell the difference between them? Sometimes it’s hard, but we’re here for you. Regardless of who you choose, look for these five things in your background screening partner.

They’re a Real Partner

Your provider should be dedicated to a real partnership. Not just as an empty corporate promise, either! Look for someone who carries that concept through the whole team, from the sales department to customer service and upper management. That partnership will create a more streamlined, focused, and overall better process for you and your candidates.

They Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Some companies offer the same solution over and over again. No matter if you’re a solopreneur hiring freelancers, a landlord wanting to screen renters, or a construction site drug testing existing employees, you’ll be expected to make their solution fit your needs. Don’t accept cookie cutter screening! Look for a provider who provides customized plans, products, and packages.

They’re NAPBS Accredited

We don’t just love the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) because we helped start the organization. We love them because they help the industry as a whole move forward, and hold us to a high professional standard. This accreditation assures you that the company you’re partnering with is setting the standard in the background screening industry.

They’re Full of Experts

Don’t just stop at a company’s services page, check out their staff too! Professional leadership is a great indication that you’re dealing with great people. Take a look at their listing of certificates, conferences they have attended, and work they have accomplished. By getting to know the people you would be working with, you can learn more about the expertise of the company.

They’re More Than Just Their Service

A lot of background screening companies perform their services and leave it at that. Look for a partner that goes above and beyond, providing webinars, resources, and in-depth information about the challenges employers face. Great screening providers should work to create amazing content focused towards their customers to continue to provide support and updated news.

Are you ready to partner up? Give us a call today, and find out how we are all of these things and more!


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