Discovering the Best in Human Capital Through Great Interviews


Discovering the Best in Human Capital Through Great Interviews

It’s nerve-wracking.

You pull out the power suit, polish up the resume, and put your best foot forward.

But even when you’re prepared, the interview process can still be rugged.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, one out of every four people labels their job-hunting experience as negative. Those negative early experiences hurt companies. They can impact growth and the hunt for great talent.

What makes a bad experience?
Experts say lack of follow through, inconsistency, and poor representation of the company brand can all factor into a rocky first impression. According to those who participated in the online survey, many also cited not hearing back from an employer. But other negative factors included: finding out the job didn’t match the job description, as well as HR staff not being knowledgeable or not presenting a positive experience.

Why does it matter so much?
The implications of a negative initial experience can have a far-reaching impact. Over 40 percent surveyed said they’d never seek employment from that company again. And just over 20 percent said they’d share their negative experience with others. But those who had a good experience? More than half said they’d consider connecting with the company again. Close to 40 percent said they’d recommend it to others for employment.

What makes it positive?
A positive interview experience must include a consistent, welcoming policy for candidates, clear job postings, and an efficient screening process. Supporting candidates and the company with a competent screening program starts with obtaining a comprehensive report. This means looking at more than just criminal checks. ClearStar offers screening options to help you see the entire picture, not just a small snapshot.

Want to bring in the best talent? Develop best practices that include offering a professional, high-quality experience that’s consistent and personal.

Discover the best in human capital with help from ClearStar. Contact us today.


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