How Blockchains Could Change Background Checks


How Blockchains Could Change Background Checks

A game changer. A breakthrough. Revolutionary.

That’s how experts describe the impact blockchain technology will have on the world of background screening.

But for those who don’t know anything about it, a blockchain doesn’t sound that exciting. In fact, its name sounds a little like the latest kids’ gaming craze.

So, what exactly is a blockchain? And why does it matter?

Blockchains started in 2008 as the technology behind Bitcoin. Since then, they’ve been considered for a variety of uses including screening.

In non-technical terms, blockchains work as a list. Blockchains are digital collections of verifiable records or transactions in a network. They’re considered very secure: information is encrypted and can be added or changed only with approval across the network — or by the verified owner.

This helps in hiring when candidates can develop their own blockchain. In a way, their blockchain would serve as a verified digital resume. For example, as a person earns academic credentials or certifications, verified schools or agencies could add that information. Companies could also add work history to a blockchain.

And you’ve heard the stats. Job seekers present the best version of themselves, but it’s not always the most honest version. Experts say blockchain technology offers a chance to change those stats. Some go a step further, saying blockchain could eventually help recruiters screen for candidates who haven’t even applied for certain jobs yet.

How (and when) will blockchain fall into place for everyone? No one knows exactly. But one thing is sure: it promises major change. With multiple employers, the growing freelance economy, and struggles with transparency, background checks aren’t always simple. As it develops, blockchains represent great potential, lower cost, added transparency, and easier transitions in hiring.

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