Is status quo good enough for entry-level screening?


Is status quo good enough for entry-level screening?

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you.

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, what’s the first thing you do?

Dig out your best power suit and polish up the resume, of course.

Resumes, applications, and in-person interviews — they’re all an accepted part of the pre-employment process whether you’re an employer or a candidate. But new research shows they may not be the best options for entry-level screening.

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)/Mercer Entry-Level Candidate Job Skills Survey says employers continue to rely on these traditional methods for entry-level screening, even though they aren’t completely confident in those traditions. Nearly half of HR professionals admit they have little to no confidence in application and resume reviews.

This traditional entry-level screening can be a subjective process. Does this mean qualified candidates are accidentally getting left on the sidelines? Is this status quo type of screening good enough? Or are there ideas that could sharpen entry-level screening?

Technology might be one answer.

Even though a small percentage of companies use them, this research shows personality tests, cognitive ability tests, and online simulations (along with the in-person interviews) to be comprehensive indicators of performance.

The need for more effective approaches leaves the door open for innovation coupled with technology, say experts.

Another great way to determine if your entry-level candidate is good fit: career-related internships. About half of employers involved in the SHRM survey called internships “extremely valuable” in determining if a candidate was the right person for the job.

Finding just the fit for your company can be tough sometimes. But ClearStar can help. With the right blend of technology and your own professional experience, screening can stretch beyond the status quo and your company can grow to the next level with amazing new talent.

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