How essential is background screening in home health care?


How essential is background screening in home health care?

It’s intensely personal. It involves some of the most vulnerable.


Plus, it’s a job seeing massive spikes in demand.


In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the home healthcare aide is the fastest growing career in America. And with so many Baby Boomers looking to stay in their homes as they age, demand shows no sign of slowing.


But in the push to fill these jobs, we can’t ignore one important question: if you were the one receiving the care, wouldn’t you want to know your caregiver had met the highest standards of excellence?


Setting the bar high

State standards for home healthcare workers vary so much. Some offer a public registry of home health aides who have passed background checks. Other states require a shorter number of training hours for caregivers.


But caring for patients and seniors in their home should mean setting the bar high. An Internet search unearths dozens of stories about unqualified or dangerous caregivers. These caregivers stole money and medicines, caused physical harm or even death.


That’s why it’s essential to develop good hiring policies. Solid policies help companies build the best teams.


Building the best team

Building the best team requires the right tools, though. That’s why ClearStar created screening solutions to work hand-in-hand with your company’s software. Our goal is to give you a seamless human capital management experience.


Backed by more than 20 years in business, our client service team has helped hundreds of homecare organizations with hiring. Here’s what we can do for your company.


Developing custom screening solutions

We believe screening solutions should happen on your schedule. That’s why we offer technology designed around you and your candidates.


With our ClearID, you’ll be able to verify a homecare worker’s identity in under five minutes. Plus, ClearID helps you know they’re responsive and committed to your high standards by being actively involved in the process.


Want to add social media screening? You can do that. Our FCRA-compliant social media searches tap into one of the biggest wells of candidate information by scanning social media profiles for potential racism and intolerance, illegal activity, violent conduct, and sexually explicit material.


Companies can also connect with our Virtual Badge. Virtual Badge lets you track time on site, add remote expire badges as needed with continuous screening, and so much more.


Interested in adding this to your company?  Contact us today to get started.


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