How New Background Screening Options Make the Rideshare Business Safer


How New Background Screening Options Make the Rideshare Business Safer

Traditional background checks offer an in-depth look at past actions.


But what about the future?


No one, not even HR professionals who specialize in human capital, can predict the future. But advances in screening technology can offer some amazing insights.


Here’s how.


For plenty of industries, ongoing screening is nothing new. For jobs like transportation, healthcare, or finance, employees typically get a background check once when they’re hired. Companies may also re-screen once a year, checking for DUIs, current certifications, or bankruptcies, for example.


But continuous screening takes safety and security to a new level.


Screening in real-time

That’s part of what’s prompted rideshare companies to embrace continuous screening policies. Continuous screening means actions can be analyzed in real-time after the initial background check.


Continuous screening sets a new pace, not tied to the calendar. The goal? To use technology to offer a new level of safety. If a DUI or other disqualifying criminal conviction happens, employers don’t have to find out six months or even a year later. Technology can offer instant updates.


Adding extra layers of security

Rideshare companies are also choosing enhanced ID verification like ClearID.

Enhanced verification couples a driver’s license or ID with a real-time picture of the driver’s face. These layers of security help prevent identity theft and verify the license or credentials of the drivers.


Developing policy that works

Not only does this technology offer the security of more information over time, but it also offers the ability to respond in real-time to what’s happening. As always, though, the key is to develop policies and practices that include these evergreen changes. Knowing your state and federal law is always important, especially in the areas of disclosure, authorization, and adverse action.


Safety is a top priority for anyone who uses rideshare. Does your company share that priority? Communicate it by developing a screening plan that puts safety first. Find out how ClearStar can help. Contact us today to learn more.


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