Protect Your Reputation with Ongoing Volunteer Background Screening


Protect Your Reputation with Ongoing Volunteer Background Screening

They’re the heart and soul of any organization.

For nonprofits, having a strong, core group of faithful people makes all the difference. Their time, their creativity, their skills—they’re all valuable. But to get the best value, you need the best people.

So, how does your organization connect with the best volunteers? One great way is to make background screening not just a top priority, but also an ongoing one.

Sound overwhelming? Not if you work with ClearStar.

Through our partnership with Virtual Badge, you can unlock an entire suite of on-the-go services. Using either QR codes or GPS access, you’ll have a mobile solution for verifying and identifying workers.

Here are some of its features:

ClearID technology. Because Virtual Badge is paired with our ClearID system, you’ll have facial recognition technology at your fingertips. This means it’ll take less than five minutes for ID validation on any mobile device.

Here’s how it works: Nonprofits select their screening package, enter an candidate’s basic information, and capture consent. After snapping a photo of the candidate’s face and a government-issued photo ID, they click submit. These five steps can offer actionable results in under five minutes.

Added extras. Need extra background or drug screening services? Those can be set up for automatic ordering based on ClearID results, the position being sought, or other nonprofit needs.

Mobile management. When screening is complete, you can send new volunteers a Virtual Badge invite based on their ClearID results. Their Virtual Badge will populate with relevant information. Virtual Badge also lets you issue temporary passes, visitor IDs, and more.

Automatic updates. With ongoing screening, Virtual Badge and ClearID can help ensure background or drug screening include automatic reordering. Badges can also be set up to expire as needed.

Want a level of protection that will boost confidence in your people, your services, and your brand? Contact ClearStar today.


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