Is your screening plan ready to go international?


Is your screening plan ready to go international?

You’re ready.

You’ve found a collection of great hires. Now, you need to take the next step with a batch of background checks.

But it’s a little different this time. This set of screening will need to cross international boundaries.

You’ll need to check for criminal convictions in a legal system that’s entirely different. There’s also a good chance you may bump into a substantial language barrier. You’ll need to check each country where the candidate lived. Be prepared. You may have to navigate the privacy rules and background screening laws of several countries.

Sound a little complicated? It can be. So, before you go international, remember this.

Don’t rush it
In the U.S., some verifications can happen instantly. When you’re spanning oceans—and cultures—it’s not quite as simple or fast. Allow between 10-20 days to complete the average international background check. Expect this screening to require a little more digging than normal. Patience and persistence matter.

Understand the roadblocks
Some information is notoriously hard to obtain overseas. For example, credit reports can be tricky. Privacy laws restrict what’s available. Plus, each country has different ways of reporting credit information. Another example? Criminal records. In some countries, criminal records can only influence an employer’s decision “if the work involves the vulnerable.” (Check out this list for some extra insight on collecting criminal records in the particular country you’re targeting.)

Appreciate what works
Checking references, though, is more upfront. International companies are more likely to give information about performance, competency, and salary. Chances are education verification will be easier, too—unless school policy directly forbids sharing information.

International screening comes with its own set of challenges. But remember this: you don’t have to go it alone. With ClearStar, you can have an experienced partner on your side. Want to know more? Contact us today.


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