What else does a background check discover beyond criminal history?


What else does a background check discover beyond criminal history?

Arrests. Convictions. Court appearances.

Let’s be honest: Isn’t that what background checks are really all about?

Not at all.

It is true. Background screening did get its start when companies realized knowing an employee’s criminal history could be critical. But today, background screening includes multiple elements, and it can vary depending on both the company and the job description.

Other than criminal history, here are three other elements that factor into a typical background check.

Credit or financial check. Basic screening verifies the candidate’s Social Security number as valid by linking it with their name and DOB range. Tied in with that is a credit check. Credit scores, which show whether or not credit agencies consider a person “creditworthy,” can be a standard fixture in screening.

Past employers. One part of almost any background check is past employment verification. This includes contacting human resources to double check facts like former job titles, employment dates, and salaries. (It’s important to note that seeking information about past salaries isn’t legal in all jurisdictions.) Confirming employment history can take more time, but statistically, it’s an area where more candidates are less than truthful. It’s always important to include employment history in screening.

 License and record checks. This can include verifying state and federal licenses, professional licenses, and also driving records. Also part of this process: checking whether or not these records and licenses have any restrictions or violations associated with them.

 Whatever direction your company’s screening takes, it should fit comfortably within the bounds of company policy, as well as applicable state and federal law. And we should add that almost every screening option referenced here requires the candidates’ permission before screening starts.

Does your background screening company give you all the options you need? At ClearStar, our mission is empowering companies to affirm their best hiring instincts. Call today to put our cutting-edge technology and decades of experience to work for you!


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