What’s really at risk when your company skips background screening?


What’s really at risk when your company skips background screening?

No secrets here.

We are happy to admit we’re fans of a well-planned and constantly-updated company screening policy. And that’s not just because screening makes good business sense. Screening can promote better hiring practices and help produce higher quality work.

That’s not all it does, though.

Why bother with screening?

Professional screening practices make a difference on plenty of levels. But one of its most basic? Safety. Ignoring screening means demoting safety and security.

Consider a recent headline about 36-year-old Carla Stefaniak. The Florida woman decided to celebrate her birthday with a Costa Rican getaway.

But instead of postcards and snapshots from the trip, Stefaniak’s family received heart-breaking news. Stefaniak was allegedly murdered by a security guard at her Airbnb.

Since Stefaniak’s death, the family has filed suit. They claim the apartment complex and Airbnb are negligent in her death. Why? Because they failed to perform a background check on the security guard being charged. The investigation also revealed that the security guard was an illegal immigrant in that country; he didn’t have the legal documentation to work.

Would a background check have changed this story?

No one can know the answer to that question. But we do know that screening is one way companies can work toward making safety their top priority.

What is screening all about?

Screening isn’t just about hiring an ideal candidate or maximizing productivity. It’s also about looking for opportunities to offer safety and security for everyone involved—clients and employees.

We all know life doesn’t come with any guarantees. And, of course, HR isn’t certified in fortune telling. But adding background checks means your company takes a proactive approach to safety. And partnering with ClearStar means you’ll have a professional team to help with every step of the screening process.

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