Could pre-employment screening benefit your business?


Could pre-employment screening benefit your business?

Want to get your year off to a strong start?

Consider adding pre-employment background checks to your list of company must-haves. What makes them so important? Consider this.

Every single hire represents an investment in your company’s future success. And the cost of bad hires? They can really add up.

Statistics say even candidates who look good on paper aren’t always what they appear. Roughly 40 percent of candidates offer a slightly less than truthful story about their previous experience. Employers also say plenty of candidates stretch the truth about their education credentials.

What does it cost to skip screening and ignore stats like these?

Some estimates say employee theft can add up to $25,000 a month. But that’s not the only expense.

Other hurdles companies face include high employee turnover and the struggles that come with an inexperienced work force. Companies also face the added cost of hiring and training.

Ignoring pre-employment screening can also increase your company’s liability. Negligent hiring liability holds employers responsible for what they know—and what they should have known about their employees. Not having all the facts exposes businesses to a collection of unknown issues.

So, what information does pre-screening help confirm?  The short answer is screening helps confirm your best hiring instincts. It offers facts to back up your feelings.

The detailed answer? Screening helps double check basic information. With the candidate’s permission, screening can confirm previous employment, education credentials, criminal records, or credit reports. Professional screening can also be tailored to suit, depending on a job description.

Pre-employment screening isn’t just a good theory; it’s good business. Adding pre-employment screening to your hiring process means better hires and the higher quality business results you need.

Want help landing the best employees for your company? We’d love to talk about how pre-employment screening can help. Let’s connect today!


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