Occupational Health Screening



Occupational Health Screening

ClearStar Releases Automated Occupational Health Services!

ClearStar has released a powerful new version of the ClearMD product suite that streamlines and fully automates the electronic registration for drug tests, clinical services, and occupational health screening. ClearMD can be a standalone solution or integrated with any background screening service.

ClearStar understands that occupational health screening can be complex, time consuming, labor intensive, completely manual for most employers, and disjointed from all other pre-employment screening. Worst of all, it can be a terrible candidate experience. ClearMD can help remove these problems.

The ClearMD Occupational Health Screening solution from ClearStar provides instant electronic registration forms and a single pass experience to donors to make drug tests, clinical services, and occupational health screening simple for you, your candidates, and your employees.

How ClearMD Occupational Health Screening Works

Employers determine what drug, clinical, and/or occupational health tests are required for the candidate and submit the request to ClearMD. Candidates receive an electronic invitation, submit their zip code, and are instantly matched with a list of clinics that can perform their screenings.

Candidates can choose to receive all requested services at a single location or choose multiple locations if all requested services are not available at a single location. Once candidates choose a site for service(s), ClearMD automatically refreshes to present sites that support the remaining services.

Google ratings and reviews help inform candidates about their location choices for the required tests. If a suitable location cannot be found in the zip code and/or distance requested, the ClearStar Occupation Health Screening Team can assist the candidate with a new choice.

Once candidates choose the location(s), they instantly receive all forms required for services requested, including drug authorization forms and medical authorization forms. Once candidates complete their tests, the results are populated in ClearMD for employers to review.

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ClearStar has vetted and directly integrated a network of more than 15,000 convenient drug test locations and 2,400 rated clinics across the United States. This robust network gives employers and candidates a wide variety of choices for their drug, clinical, and occupational health screening.

If you are looking to implement occupational health within your screening processes, ClearMD offers more than 35 occupational health tests that include Alcohol Tests, Electrocardiograms, Hearing/Vision Tests, Physicals, Pulmonary Function Tests, Respiratory Fit Tests, Vaccines, and X-Rays.

Contact ClearStar about ClearMD Occupational Health Screening

ClearStar is here to support all of your testing needs. If you have any questions or would like to request a demo of the ClearMD Occupational Health Screening solution, please contact the ClearStar team at 877.275.7099 or [email protected].

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