Join Us at the NAPBS Annual Conference in Austin


Join Us at the NAPBS Annual Conference in Austin

ClearStar is looking forward to the upcoming NAPBS Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, where we will be participating as a presenter, sponsor, and exhibitor. The NAPBS Annual Conference is the biggest opportunity of the year to see many of our technology customers in person and it’s definitely the place to learn about industry trends and network with our colleagues and suppliers.

At the show, visitors to our booth (#110 and #112) will have the opportunity to see just how far along the ClearStar Roadmap we’ve travelled since the Mid-Year Conference. We’re excited to share several new cutting-edge solutions rolled out over the course of this year that improve our customers’ experience, including:

  • Composer, a powerful new tool for managing background check results and producing high-quality customer reports with unprecedented speed and precision
  • WebCCF, an industry-first, web-based drug screening solution that streamlines the drug test ordering process and helps to eliminate the errors and hassles associated with traditional paper forms, now available for Apple and Android wallets
  • Oracle Taleo Integrations, a streamlined way for Oracle Talent Management Cloud customers to easily reap the benefits of ClearStar’s background check solutions
  • Dashboard, a beautiful graphical display that combines vital information with clean, intuitive design for a revolutionary new way to manage the background screening process

Show attendees can stop by our booth to discuss these new developments and meet our highly experienced group of professionals and industry veterans dedicated to providing the best background check and drug screening experience possible.

Additionally, key members of the ClearStar leadership team will be presenting valuable information at several breakout sessions:

So you want to deliver screening services in Canada, eh?
Michelle Leblond, PlusOne Solutions; Kerstin Bagus, ClearStar Inc.

This session will cover the basics screening companies need to understand for conducting work in Canada. It will focus on privacy, regulatory and cultural considerations and while primarily delivered as a U.S. comparison, it will address concerns for any company in or outside of Canada. We will dispel myths and assumptions and provide fact on the environment of conducting work in Canada or screening Canadian candidates. And we’ll be funny!

Best Practices in Managing a Global Vendor Audit Program
Kerstin Bagus, ClearStar Inc; Nicolas Dufour, ClearStar Inc

Privacy, Compliance, Breaches – Your customer is worried not only about your ability to protect their data, but also your ability to protect the data all the way down the supply chain. This presentation will review key elements of a global vendor audit program. Learn what your customers may be expecting of you and what best practices are for your own vendors. If you provide services to other CRAs, what might they be expecting of your company?

School’s Not Over: National Student Clearinghouse Business Advisory Council Report
Kerstin Bagus, ClearStar Inc.; Craig Caddell, ClearStar Inc.; John Davidson, CARCOGroup, Inc.

Kerstin Bagus, Craig Caddell and John Davidson were the first invitees to the newly formed NSCH Business Advisory Council. The purpose of which was to advise NSCH about the screening industry’s specific needs and pain points. They will report on their meetings with NSCH and solicit your input to help shape future services. Though the members of the council are also members of NAPBS, the council is independent of NAPBS and does not represent the association.

Additionally, we are sponsoring the following breakout session featuring renowned industry speaker, Robin Sundaram.

Cybersecurity – Trends, Threats, and Best Practices
Aurobindo (Robin) Sundaram, RELX Group

Cyberattacks continue to evolve and plague the global economy. What was once an annoyance and something financial institutions needed to worry about has now morphed into a worldwide epidemic of attacks, breaches of personal information, financial loss to consumers, and personal accountability placed on company executives and boards of directors. At the same time, there are dozens of companies that purport to “solve” the security problem with easy buzzwords such as “real-time threat intelligence” and “Big data analytics.” What’s the truth? What are the trends you should worry about? What are the things you should be doing from a technology and process perspective to protect your company? We will discuss all this and more.

At ClearStar, we have always been highly supportive of NAPBS and enjoy playing an ongoing role in the leadership of the organization. This year, we’re excited to have Kerstin Bagus, ClearStar Director of Global Initiatives, join the board as an Associate Director. Craig Caddell, ClearStar VP of CRA Solutions, has enjoyed serving as Associate Director for the past year.

“As an outgoing Associate Director I’d like to say that it has been a privilege to serve on the board with my talented and dedicated colleagues, ” said Mr. Caddell. “The association is in great shape and capable hands.”

“I am fortunate to have Craig Caddell as an advisor in my role. It’s no secret that my two passions are global screening and compliance. I hope to use my experience in these areas, in addition to that passion, to assist the Committees I’ve been assigned to, ” said Kerstin Bagus.


See you in Austin! Stop by booth #110 and #112 to meet our friendly team of background and drug screening experts. It’s also a rare chance to pick up our coveted and collectible VW Bus!


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