Report: “Generative” Artificial Intelligence (AI) May Automate 30 Percent of Work by 2030


Report: “Generative” Artificial Intelligence (AI) May Automate 30 Percent of Work by 2030

A special report titled “Generative AI and the Future of Work in America” that was released in July 2023 by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimates that activities accounting for up to 30 percent of hours currently worked across the United States (U.S.) economy could be automated by “generative” Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2030.

“Automation has taken a leap forward with the recent introduction of generative AI tools. ‘Generative’ refers to the fact that these tools can identify patterns across enormous sets of data and generate new content—an ability that has often been considered uniquely human,” according to the 76-page report from MGI.

“The timeline for automation adoption could be sharply accelerated. Without generative AI, our research estimated, automation could take over tasks accounting for 21.5 percent of the hours worked in the U.S. economy by 2030. With it, that share has now jumped to 29.5 percent [on average across all employment sectors],” the report predicts.

“One of the biggest questions of recent months is whether generative AI might wipe out jobs. Our research does not lead us to that conclusion, although we cannot definitively rule out job losses, at least in the short term. Technological advances often cause disruption, but historically, they eventually fuel economic and employment growth,” the report states.

“To capture the full benefits of generative AI to make knowledge work more productive, employers, policy makers, and broader ecosystems would need to establish clear guidelines and guardrails—and workers would need to see these tools not as job destroyers but as work enhancers,” the report concludes. Download the full report here.

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