What type of screening does your small business need?


What type of screening does your small business need?

Strong qualifications. Polished resumes. A good handshake.

What do you look for when you’re hiring?

For small business owners filling vacant positions, hiring exactly the right person matters a ton. It’s not always easy to fill vacancies in today’s tight job market, but screening can help pinpoint the right person.

What screening won’t tackle

Don’t let anyone sell you a standard screening package. “Standard” screening packages don’t exist professionally. Professional screening should always be specific—specific to your company, your job vacancy, and applicable compliance rules.

What screening can accomplish

Depending on your needs, screening can include these kinds of layers in the early stages. (It’s also important to be aware of the law at every level of screening and get signed consent for these checks where it’s required.) 

Reference check. How will this employee tackle the to-do list? Past performance is considered a good indicator. Plus, it’s always important to verify former work titles.

Education verification. Screening can help verify education and certifications. Statistics say plenty of job seekers stretch the truth when it comes to education qualifications.

Criminal record. What type of work will this employee do? If it involves handling money, caring for patients or children, or government work, just to name a few examples, criminal checks are a must.

Drivers license verification. Does your business rely on deliveries or involve any amount of driving? You’ll need to know about this candidate’s driving record.

Drug testing. Laws are changing in some areas of drug testing—especially when it comes to marijuana, for example. Rules say businesses can’t require a drug test until after an offer is made.

Whatever type of screening you may be interested in adding, it’s essential to have a professional partner like ClearStar supporting your small business. Not sure where to start? Contact us today!


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