ClearStar Medical Background Check Solutions: Clinical Screening Where and When You Need It


ClearStar Medical Background Check Solutions: Clinical Screening Where and When You Need It

Go ahead. Be completely honest.

Do you really need another stack of paperwork on your desk? It’s probably safe to say: your answer would be “no.” But escaping that stack can feel pretty impossible—until now.

Cutting out some of the paperwork craziness is just one benefit of connecting with ClearStar for your clinical screening. ClearStar’s suite of services helps not just elevate, but also streamlines the entire testing process.

With ClearMD, you’ll have a paperless option for medical screening. You’ll also have access to screening wherever you are, whether you’re in the office or on a mobile device.

Here’s what else we can do together:

Screening that’s connected. Need medical screening that goes beyond drug testing? With ClearStar, you’ll be able to choose from clinical blood tests like MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis, QuantiFERON Gold, plus many more to help verify exposure or immunity to certain conditions. All our tests are ordered and reviewed by a 50-state network of doctors who help facilitate this process. 

Screening that’s accessible. Our paperless testing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, only available in a few select cities. Rather, our clinical and drug screening is fully integrated with thousands of Alere, LabCorp, and Quest Diagnostic locations. Candidates can connect with more than 9,000 labs around the U.S. But testing isn’t just easy for you; it’s easy for them. Candidates get automated reminders and a pass that loads on their phone as they near the lab and expires if their deadline passes.

Screening that’s compatible. Whether you’re ordering tests on-the-go with a mobile device or from the office, our screening program works with any background check, HR, or ATS software. That means screening is simple to order and results are easy to read. And you’ll get updates in real-time.

ClearStar’s paperless medical screening process can help eliminate both the errors and the hassles that can happen with traditional forms. And screening can happen when and where you need it.

Want to know more about enhancing your clinical testing process? Contact ClearStar today.


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