ClearStar Releases ScreenMeNow Direct Candidate Data Entry Solution – First Shared Source Code for Background Screening


ClearStar Releases ScreenMeNow Direct Candidate Data Entry Solution – First Shared Source Code for Background Screening

ClearStar, Inc., a leading background screening technology and service provider, announced today the release of ScreenMeNow, a customizable direct candidate data entry interface. This solution comes in response to the increased demand for cost effective human resources solutions.

ScreenMeNow provides a simple, intuitive interface for direct candidate entry of data required for the initiation of a background check. This functionality increases operating efficiencies for an employer by eliminating redundant data entry and decreasing the turnaround time of a background check. ScreenMeNow can also accept credit card payment from the candidate at the time of data submission. This optional feature is particularly valuable when conducting background checks on independent contractors, volunteers and students because it can reduce or even eliminate an organizations’ background screening costs.

“In addition to delivering improved operating efficiencies and reduced costs, ScreenMeNow also addresses increased concerns within the human resources industry regarding identity theft and age discrimination lawsuits. Employers are seeking to limit their collection of candidates’ personally identifiable information (PII), such as dates of birth and social security numbers,” stated Vince Pascarella, President of ClearStar. “ScreenMeNow allows an employer’s background screening partner to obtain the PII necessary for a thorough and comprehensive background check while reducing the employer’s exposure to the risk of collecting, communicating and controlling this sensitive data.”

“ScreenMeNow has given us a tremendous amount of flexibility in meeting the needs of employers, while at the same time significantly reducing their administrative costs,” explained Will Barada, President of Barada Associates, Inc. (, a professional background screening firm and seven year ClearStar client. “Put simply, ScreenMeNow has helped us provide a higher level of service to employers.”

ClearStar has a long standing commitment to empowering screening firms. The release of ScreenMeNow marks the launch of its shared source code initiative. Now a background screening firm utilizing the ClearStar technology can provide the ScreenMeNow solution as is, or they can use the ClearStar shared source code to create a unique experience on a client-by-client basis. ScreenMeNow can be hosted in a cloud, on a background screening company’s servers or on ClearStar servers.

A fully functioning version of ScreenMeNow is hosted by ClearStar Logistics, Inc. ( in a cloud environment at

About ClearStar
ClearStar, Inc. is a trusted provider of technology, strategic services and decision making information for background screening firms. ClearStar is committed to its shared source code initiative, designed to empower clients to control their own value by creating whatever user experience the client and its customers envision. A three-time Inc. 5000 honoree, ClearStar has provided innovative technology solutions to businesses in the human capital management industry from its corporate offices near Atlanta, Georgia since 1995. ClearStar – “What your customer needs you to be.” For more information about ClearStar, please visit:


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